The Monnify invoicing allows you to generate invoices for your customers through the use of our Create Invoice API. For every invoice created, Monnify generates a virtual account number that is tied to that invoice so your customers can make payments to the account or a checkout URL is provided so that customers can make payments with their debit cards.

See Create an Invoice API to learn more.

Invoice Reserved Account (Static invoicing)

Monnify Invoice Reserved Account allows you to reserve an account for your customers to whom you send invoices regularly. This account can be attached to invoices being generated for a customer so that the same account number is received for every invoice peculiar to that customer.

These accounts are slightly different from regular customer reserved accounts as customers cannot pay into these accounts until they are attached to an invoice. See Reserve an Account API for details on how to implement one.


Every invoice created using the Monnify invoice creation both for static and dynamic invoicing expires immediately after payment has been made on the invoice, the maximum duration of an invoice is 6 months.

For static invoices, the virtual account number created just goes dormant till another invoice is created, while for dynamic invoices, a new virtual account number is created for every new invoice.

Sample Error Messages

Error MessageMeaningAction
Invoice with this reference already exists.This implies that the invoiceReference in the request payload has already been used by you.Retry with a unique invoiceReference
Unknown Contract Code provided.The contractCode in the request parameter is not correct or it doesn’t belong to the merchant.Navigate to the "Settings > Contract Setup", section of your Monnify dashboard to get your contact code
Amount must be greater than 20.This implies that the amount field in the request payload must be at least 20 NairaIncrease the amount above N20
Unknown currency code supplied.The currency code supplied is not valid or supportedReconfirm the currency code supplied
Invalid invoice expiry date.This implies that the expiryDate in the request payload is before the current date.Invoice expiry date should be beyond current time.
Invalid invoice expiry date formatThis implies that the expiryDate in the request payload is not in the correct format.Change invoice expiry date format to match yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.

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