Offline Product

You can accept cash payments from your customers or make cash payments to your customers offline through Moniepoint Agents. Moniepoint is an agency banking platform with a wide reach, having agents in every local government in Nigeria.

See Offline Payment page to learn more about the Offline Product types, necessary endpoints to set up, how to set them up, and the Request and Response format those endpoints must follow.

How it Works

  1. Create products for Customers on Monnify using the dashboard or API.
  2. Customer walks up to any Moniepoint business owners/Agents to pay for any of your listed products.
  3. Agent validates customer by entering their ID on POS or web app.
  4. After customer is verified, for fixed amount products, agent sees payment amount. Otherwise, customer specifies amount.
  5. Moniepoint business collects cash and processes payment.
  6. If the customer requires a token after payment, Moniepoint business Generates token; issue receipt otherwise.
  7. You are then notified of the transaction.

Payer Verification

Payment verification is essential for offline payment as it helps verify the customer or payer who wants to make payment at any of our Moniepoint business owners locations.

You are to provide an endpoint that Monnify can call to verify your customers. For more information about the endpoint, see Payer Verification API Specification.

Payment Request

Some invoices requires that a customer get a token after making payments. For tokens to be generated and provided for your customers offline, you are to provide a payment request endpoint for Monnify to make a POST request to get a token after the customer has made payment for an invoice offline.

For more information about the endpoint, see Payment Request API Specification.

Payment Requery

The payment requery endpoint helps Monnify get the status of a payment request from merchants if the status of the offline transaction is not known.

You are to provide a payment requery endpoint for Monnify to call if such situations arise, see Payment Requery API Specification.

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