Monnify Collections

Learn how to receive payment from your customers using the Monnify APIs

🚀 Getting Started

One-Time Payments

Receive one-time payments from your customers using Monnify.

Customer Reserved Account

Create unique static account numbers for customers' payment.


Send out invoices to your customers directly using Monnify.

Offline Payments

Receive cash payments from your customers offline with Monnify.

Sub Account

Split payments between multiple accounts using Monnify.

Plugins and SDKs

Get up and running with Monnify plugins and SDKs.

List of Pricing

Payment Method and Default Customer Fees.


fee 1.5%

Fee is cappped atN2,000 per transaction.

Reserved Account

fee 1%

Fee is cappped atN1,000 per transaction.

Offline Payment

fee 1%

Fee is cappped atN1,000 per transaction.

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