Initiating Bulk Transfers

On Monnify, you can initiate bulk transfers by making a POST request to the Initiate Transfer (Bulk) API. Once, a response is gotten, there are two possible responses that can be gotten.

  1. Response for when Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is enabled, and
  2. Response for when Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is not enabled.

Authorizing Bulk Transfers

For bulk transfers that involve authorization before the transaction is completed, you will need to make a POST request to the Authorize Transfer (Bulk) API.

Get Bulk Transfer Status

To get the transaction status for bulk transfers, you make a GET request to the Get Transaction Status for Bulk Transactions API and provide the batch transaction reference for the batch transaction for which you require the status.

Get Bulk Transfer Transactions

Monnify allows you to get a paginated list of all transactions in a bulk transfer batch and their statuses. To get details of a bulk transaction, you make a GET request to the Get Bulk Transfers Transactions API.

Get a List of All Transfers

Monnify allows you to get a list of all bulk transfers made from your platform. You can provide the number of pages and page size you require. To get a list of all bulk transfers, make a GET request to the Get All Bulk Transactions API.

Searching for Disbursement Transactions

You can get a list of all your disbursement transactions done on Monnify by making a GET request to the Search Disbursement Transactions API.

Resending OTP

You can resend OTPs to your customers in scenarios where they don’t get the previous ones sent or in cases of expiration. See the Resend OTP API for more details.

Getting Wallet Balance

You can get the available balance in your monnify wallet by making a GET request to the Wallet Balance API.

Field Reference

pageNoA number specifying what page of transfers to be retrieved. Minimum value is 0, and defaults to 0 if not specified.
pageSizeA number specifying size of each transfer page. Minimum value is 1, and defaults to 10 if not specified.
amountThe amount to be disbursed to the beneficiary
referenceThe unique reference for a transaction. Also to be specified for each transaction in a bulk transaction request.
batchReferenceThe unique reference for the entire batch of transactions being sent.
narrationThe Narration for the transactions being processed.
destinationBankCodeThe 3 digit bank code representing the destination bank
destinationBankNameThe name of the destination bank
destinationAccountNumberThe beneficiary account number.
destinationAccountNameThe name tied to the account in the destination bank
currencyThe currency of the transaction being initialized. "NGN"
totalTransactionsThe total number of transactions in the batch.
totalAmountThe total amount deducted for all the transactions in the batch
feeThe total transaction fees deducted for a single transaction
totalFeeThe total transaction fees deducted for all the transactions in the batch.
failedCountTotal number of failed transactions in the batch
successfulCountTotal number of successful transactions in the batch
pendingCountTotal number of pending transactions in the batch

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