Initiating Single Transfers

To make transfers using the Monnify transfer APIs, you have to initiate a transfer. You can initiate single transfers by making a POST request to the Initiate Transfer (Single) API. Once, a response is gotten, there are two possible responses that can be gotten.

  1. Response for when Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is enabled, and
  2. Response for when Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is not enabled.

Authorizing Single Transfers

For transfers that involve authorization before the transaction is completed, you will need to make a POST request to the Authorize Transfer (Single) API.

Asynchronous Transfers

You can easily process transfer to your users asynchronously so that your server doesn’t have to wait for Monnify to get the final status of the transfer. This can be done by setting an “async” parameter to true in your request to the Asynchronous Transfer API.

Get Transfer Status

To get the transfer status for single transfers, you make a GET request to the Single Transfer Status and provide the transaction reference for the transaction for which you require the status.

Get a List of All Transfers

Monnify allows you to get a list of all single transfers made from your platform. You can provide the number of pages and page size you require. To get a list of all single transfers, you make a GET request to the Monnify Get All Single Transactions API.

Searching for Disbursement Transactions

You can get a list of all your disbursement transactions done on Monnify by making a GET request to the Search Disbursement Transactions API.

Resending OTP

You can resend OTPs to your customers in scenarios where they don’t get the previous ones sent or in cases of expiration. See the Resend OTP API for more details.

Getting Wallet Balance

You can get the available balance in your monnify wallet by making a GET request to the Wallet Balance API.

Sample Error Messages

Error MessageMeaningAction
99An unexpected error occurred while processing transactionRe-query to ascertain transaction status
D01Something went wrong and the transaction could not be processed. Actual error message will be displayed in 'responseMessage' fieldTreat as Failed
D02Transaction does not exist.Treat as Failed
D03Invalid account details supplied.Treat as Failed
D04Insufficient wallet balanceTreat as Failed
D05Unauthorized Request.This would imply that only whitelisted IP addresses can initiate the requestKIndly send a mail to [email protected] to whitelist your server IP
Invalid destination account numberSupplied account number did not pass name enquiryCustomer should provide valid account number
Dormant beneficiary accountCustomer account is dormantCustomer should engage its bank
Beneficiary account name mismatchBeneficiary account name mismatchCustomer should reconfirm supplied account details
Unknown destination bank codeDestination bank code does not exist on MonnifyKindly reconfirm the destinationBankCode supplied in the request
Transacton timed out while waiting for destination bankTimeout from customer’s bankKindly requery transaction
Invalid amountTransaction amount is invalidKindly reconfirm the transaction amount
Delayed processing from NIPDelay from NIPKindly requery
Post No Credit restriction on beneficiary accountCustomer account has PND on it, so cannot be creditedCustomer should engage his bank
Beneficiary bank not availableCustomer's bank is unavailableKindly requery transaction
Invalid session IDInvalid session IDKindly requery transaction
Rejected by destination institutionCredit was rejected by detsination bankCustomer should engage his bank to ascertain rejection reason
Suspected fraudCustomer's account under investigation for fraudCustomer should engage his bank
Invalid response code from beneficiary InstituitionUnknown response code from beneficiary bankKindly requery transaction
System malfunction by destination institutionSystem malfunction by destination institutionKindly requery transaction
Beneficary account limit exceededCustomer account is a low kyc accountCustomer should engage his bank to upgrade his account
Sender not permitted to credit beneficiaryCustomer's account cannot be credited due to account restrictionCustomer should engage his bank to ascertain reason for restriction
Unable to complete the transaction at this timeBeneficiary bank or Provider service is currently unavailableKindly requery transaction
Transaction could not be processed at this time. Please try againProvider service is currently unavailableKindly requery transaction
Transaction processing in progressTransaction still processingKindly requery transaction
Account number could not be validatedName enquiry failed on account number due to invalid account or destination bank unavailabilityKindly reconfirm the destination account details and bank availability
Transaction FailedTransaction has failed due to system or provider related errorKindly engage the Monnify support

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